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This is a family based club, set in the beautiful Cotswolds. John P Smail started playing polo here back in the 70's. He formed the club in 1991 and it has grown every year since. He retired from playing in 2006, however he can always be found on the sidelines offering advice to amateurs and pro's alike. 
Our horses usually come into work early March and we try to start chukkas and lessons early April. We have sold hundreds of horses over the years, which gives us a big advantage in helping a buyer purchase the right polo pony for their ability.
We play chukkas every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2pm, right throughout the summer. When there isn't a tournament on, we practice or play club matches. See our fixture list for the full season's schedule.
To arrange a time and discuss your requirements, contact the office.
An example of chukkas.

Learning to play couldn't be easier than here at Edgeworth. We do group and individual lessons which start at £35/hour. Please see the price list

Price List

Individual lesson including pony hire - £65
Individual lesson on your own pony - £55
Group lesson including pony hire - £45/pp
Group lesson on your own pony - £35/pp
Pony Hire for chukkas - £85
Pony hire for home games - £120
Pony hire for away games - POA

On Wednesday evenings, we hold beginner chukkas starting at 6pm. Often when someone takes up polo, they join in a practice and everything happens too fast to be able to understand what they should and shouldn't be doing. On a Wednesday evening we stop the practice and explain each play as it happens so everyone understands the game. As each person progresses, they can move into more experienced groups, and start learning tactics and marking techniques. 

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+44 1285 821 695