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Whatever your level, we can help you get the most out of your polo. From first lessons, all the way through to organising your most exciting tournaments.
Stag and Hen Parties.
We can take stag do's and hen parties, we have enough school masters that everyone can get involved and feel safe. For those on the sidelines we have a small clubhouse and 'asados' (Argentine Bbq) can be organised. Prices start at £100/person for a group size of 5 -10, so give us a call to discuss your needs.
We have two sons of our original stallion 'Diesel' ready to cover this summer. Diesels oldest progeny are playing tournaments and we have more coming through every year. They all look fantastic, hopefully this year they will get some big wins under their belts. 
A full adult membership, which entitles you to play all tournaments, and use all the facilities is £1,150.
A junior membership for under 18's is £180. 
Chukka membership £600
Non-member chukkas £12.50/chukka
For visiting teams, a tournament entry fee is £150 per non member.

DIY and Full livery are available. We have grooms and pro's to keep your ponies performing at their best. Every horse is kept fit, schooled and fed so they are ready for how much or little you want to get out of them.
Grass livery is available right throughout the year. Our wintering includes haylage and is £25 per week.
We can also provide accommodation for grooms. Transport to local clubs. Arrange farriers, vets, and dental technicians. We have two walkers, a rubber exercise track, Wooden horse and a small sand arena. Plus miles and miles of hacking routes.

Horse rental
We hire our horses to players for chukkas, home games or away games. 
Prices start at £120 per chukka for a home game and plus travel for away.

Call us on
+44 1285 821 695